Teacher Training

All teachers should have access to training in best educational practices and current research.


Our faculty is trained in the best research and evidence-based approaches to help our LD/ADHD students achieve success, but the reality is that not every student who needs a TSS education can attend. To extend our reach and help as many students as possible, we provide ongoing teacher training and professional development support.


Collaborative Professional Development

Fall Series 2018

Welcome to The Southport School's new initiative - The Southport CoLAB. The CoLAB provides the highest quality programs in training professionals, educators, and families using a collaborative, partnership-based approach with like-minded organizations and experts in the field. Our mission is to integrate research, practice, and advocacy to effect positive outcomes for people with learning and attention issues.

Led by Southport School teachers and collaborators, we currently offer three specialized training programs: structured literacy, executive functioning, and assistive technology. Parents, teachers, and administrators are invited to learn more about how we can work as a community to impact the nearly 1 in 5 students with learning and attention issues, including the 1 in 10 with dyslexia, in our schools. 

Listed below are professional development courses, workshops, and lectures including date, time, fee, and descriptions for this coming fall. To register and pay for a course, please click here. Click here for to view our new Fall 2018 brochure.  If you wish to receive a printed brochure, please click here to provide us with a post office address. Instructors and presenters biography and educational backgrounds are listed after the course descriptions in the brochure. 


 Dr. Heitzman is intimately interested in skill-based interventions, helping parents and teachers recognize levels of readiness in their children while tailoring a goodness of fit model between strategies and the student's strengths and weaknesses.


DR. HONI J. BAMBERGER is a Professor Emerita from the Department of Mathematics, at Towson University, in Baltimore, Maryland.  She is also the Executive Director of MathWorks: Promoting Excellence in Mathematics Education, an agency providing Professional Development in mathematics for teachers and administrators, Pre-kindergarten through Eighth-grade.  The author of numerous books and articles, Dr. Bamberger has been conducting research since 1989; investigating the strategies and instructional shifts that positively impact student achievement. A former classroom teacher, Dr. Bamberger continues to work with students and teachers in a variety of schools, throughout Maryland and other states proving to herself and others that all students can become mathematically powerful.

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