About Our Independent Day School

We have 124 unique elementary and middle school learners at The Southport School with one thing in common: they failed to thrive in conventional school environments. Their cerebrodiversity was not embraced, and their potential was left untapped. TSS is not a one-size-fits-all philosophy, we focus on how each student learns best.

Our Perspective

At TSS, an independent day school in Southport Village within the town of Fairfield, we approach education from a different perspective. Instead of a one-size-fits-all philosophy, we believe it’s important to gain a clear understanding of how each child learns best—their strengths, opportunities for growth, and why school hasn’t worked for them in the past.

We approach the school day very differently at TSS, from the way we welcome students at morning drop-off to delivering research and evidence-based instruction in the classroom. In everything we do, we seek to support and challenge students so they find their passion, regain their confidence and self-esteem, and are able to show the world their strengths, talents, and abilities. 

Faculty & Staff

Likewise, each of our teachers, administrators, and staff have found their passion in educating students with learning differences and ADHD.  We share a common vision about changing the way teachers are trained and how the learning differences community is viewed. We challenge ourselves to find the best pathways to reach our students and help them elicit their innate strengths while providing a foundation of skills and tools to navigate the text, language, and structure of school.

Welcome To The Southport School!

Our campus is open to visitors, and our Admissions Office is available for inquiries. You may also visit our Admissions section of the website for more information on open house dates and the admissions process. Thank you for your interest in our School. As is the case with our students, we are confident it will reawaken your sense of possibility. We hope to hear from you.





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