Who We Are


We empower cerebrodiverse students to reach their full potential.


We envision a world where every child with language-based learning differences and attention issues can access exceptional education.


We provide transformative education experiences and thought leadership that have a lifelong impact on students.


The Southport School creates an environment for cerebrodiverse students with language-based learning differences like dyslexia and attention issues that recognizes individual strengths, promotes independent thinking, develops self-esteem and self-advocacy, and supports a successful transition for continued academic achievement. In our coeducational elementary, middle, and summer academic program, students can safely take risks championed by a student-focused faculty that uses research and evidence-based approaches.


  • Cerebrodiversity Honor the cognitive diverse ways the human brain works and celebrate our students’  varied interests and talents.
  • Collaboration Embrace mutual respect, diverse perspectives, and ideas, and support new approaches to learning.
  • Empowerment Provide students, families, and teachers with tools that ensure a lifelong positive impact.
  • Excellence Model exceptional teaching and learning for students with language-based learning differences and attention issues, anchored in continuous professional training and a research-based curriculum.
  • Innovation Embrace transformative experiences through the research, experimentation, and application of new approaches.



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