Advances in educational technologies have created new opportunities for our students and teachers. There are many assistive technologies available now to support students with learning differences. That's why we incorporate technology across the curriculum, allowing teachers to engage students with different tools to see what works best for them. 

Devices We Use

Technology is embedded into classroom instruction with the use of iPads or laptops and interactive boards.  Educational technology allows teachers to develop interactive lessons incorporating multi-media and digital content to engage students.

How Is Technology Helpful For Us?

For students struggling to decode, they now have the capability, through audiobooks and text-to-speech software, to access materials commensurate with their intelligence; likewise, for the student struggling to get her thoughts on paper, speech-to-text offers new pathways for expression. Organizational apps, interactive apps, multi-sensory platforms, and more offer huge advantages that allow us to tap into a student's thoughts and ideas.

Student Technology Policies

TSS requires all students to have their own iPad. However, if families are  unable to provide one for their child, TSS does offer an iPad rental program.




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