Welcome to The Southport CoLAB! 

The Southport CoLAB provides the highest quality programs in training for professionals, educators, and families. Our mission is to integrate research, practice, and advocacy to effect positive outcomes for people with learning and attention issues.

The Southport CoLAB currently offers three specialized training programs: Structured LiteracyTM: Orton-Gillingham, Executive Functioning, and Assistive Technology.

The reach of The Southport School extends beyond our physical walls, and we seek to capitalize on the opportunity to impact the local and national communities by helping train teachers, educate families, and inform the public about language-based learning disabilities and attention issues.

Our vision for The Southport School remains steadfast as we strive to create a world where people with language-based learning differences and ADHD are embraced for their strengths and potential, and where all teachers have access to training in best educational practices and current research.

In addition to our collaborative teaching efforts, we will continue to offer our Community Lecture Series which draws local and nationally recognized speakers to our school who share their expertise in the learning differences field or their experiences as adults with LD. Through these free lectures, our hope and intention is to connect others in the broader community who have a stake in how individuals with learning disabilities are treated and to positively affect how people think about and teach students who learn differently. Click here for more information and to register.

As the leader of this school, I am enthusiastic and optimistic about the changes and opportunities for all ages who struggle with learning differences. I continue to feel confident and hopeful that together as a community, we can make an impact on the nearly 1 in 5 students in our schools who have learning and attention issues, including the 1 in 10 students with dyslexia.

Thank you and we look forward to getting to know you through our shared interest in our next generation of learners.


Dr. Benjamin Powers
Affiliated Research Scientist at Haskins Laboratories
Co-Director of Academic Center for Excellence at The Dyslexia Foundation