Athletics Information

Our Athletic program is guided by the overall philosophy of the school that self esteem, confidence, and achievement result as children extend effort and experience success. We feel that our students benefit from being physically fit and having the opportunity to participate in team sports in a fun, non-threatening environment that will increase their willingness to take risks. While we play to win, competition is downplayed; skills, sportsmanship, and enjoyment are emphasized.

In short, our athletic activities complement and enhance the academic program and help students stay fit, while developing sportsmanship, teamwork, and self-confidence.

Afternoon Activity Dress Code

  • All students are required to change into athletic clothing
  • Appropriate athletic clothing must be worn for all afternoon classes involving physical activity such as sports, hiking, gym, etc.
  • T-shirts and sweatshirts appropriate for the season may be worn
  • Shorts or sweatpants such as cotton sweats, nylon wind pants, etc. appropriate for the season may be worn
  • Sneakers with socks must be worn for cross country and all gym classes
  • Cleats are required for all students playing soccer 


The following is not considered acceptable clothing:

  • Denim or jean style clothing
  • Hats or Caps
  • Shorts that do not reach the child’s fingertips when their arms hang freely
  • Dress code clothing worn to sports or activities
  • Flannel or pajama type pants
  • Tank tops