Dress Code Information

It is our experience that when students follow a dress code and are neat, they have increased self-esteem, which affects their attitudes and approach to learning. 


Boys and Girls 

Color Palette:  Navy, White, Light Blue, and Gray 


  • Khaki, navy blue or charcoal gray “classic style” slacks
  • Chino style
  • Must be worn with a belt at the waist
  • Neat and hemmed
  • Socks of your choosing!


Shorts: August, September, October, and after April vacation.

  • Khaki, navy blue, charcoal gray Bermuda shorts
  • Shorts must come no higher than two inches above the top of the knee.


Shirts (logo optional):

  • All SOLID: white, navy, light blue, gray
  • Polo or button down (tie optional)
  • Short or long sleeve
  • All shirts must have a collar (any kind)
  • Shirts must be tucked in
  • White turtleneck under TSS fleece
  • If a student chooses to wear a shirt under the polo shirt, it should not be visible unless it is a white undershirt that shows only at the collar. 
  • Under no circumstances should a long-sleeve shirt be worn under a short-sleeve polo shirt.



  • All-weather mocs
  • Loafers, Oxfords, Mary Janes
  • Sneakers in SOLID colors: navy, white, gray, black sneakers (required on gym days)
  • Dress boots may be worn from November 1st to April vacation, but must be changed to sneakers for gym. No Uggs of any kind (e.g., boots, slip-on, loafer).
  • For safety reasons, no backless or open-toed shoes


Suggestions for Warmth/Layering:

  • Navy, gray, or black: solid colors only
  • Dress-code approved fleeces, TSS logo required - 1/4 zip, full zip, pullovers, provided by:
    • Global School Wear
    • Fairfield Sports Store 
  • Navy, gray, or black fleeces in solid colors only (logo optional); no shoulder designs, stripes, patterns, pipping, or hoods
  • Knit sweaters - cardigans, pullovers, sweater vests
  • Navy blue blazer


Optional Dress Code Approved for Girls:

  • Skirts and Skorts:
    • Khaki, navy blue or gray
    • Must be the appropriate length (no higher that 3 inches above the center of the knee)
    • Anything worn underneath for warmth should not appear below the hemline
  • Solid jumper - navy, khaki
  • Polo dress - light blue or navy
  • Socks:
    • Knee-highs or tights
    • SOLID colors - navy, gray, light blue, or white
    • Leggings are acceptable IF the socks match in color and cover the bottom of the sock

Ordering Information:

Global School Uniforms


Fairfield Sports