School Life

Since its establishment in 1984, The Southport School has been dedicated to creating an empowering and inspiring environment for students with language-based learning differences and attention difficulties. Since its founding, TSS has grown from serving 20 students to 120 today, in 2nd through 8th grade, across more than 30 communities in Connecticut and New York. 


Art, Music, & Movement Building

In May 2017, we took an exciting step in fulfilling our school's vision with the acquisition of the historic Southport Savings Bank, adjacent to our main building, the original Pequot School. Now recognized as our new Arts, Music, and Movement Building, we feel even more connected to our ties to the Southport community while also establishing our own school campus within the Southport Village.

Co-Curricular Experiences Offered

School life for students includes a co-curricular experience that is rich with arts, music, athletics, enrichment courses, and community awareness and outreach. Specific to the enrichment program, students will experience and learn more about technology health and wellness, and library and digital skills. Our belief in offering students creative outlets, activities, and learning experiences that complement what students are learning in school also provides opportunities to develop particular skills and exhibit non-academic abilities.

Leadership & Community Experience

Leadership opportunities and team-building are important for all students especially throughout their elementary and middle school years. In everything we do, we strive to provide a “more than” school life for students who have often had a “less than” experience in traditional school settings.



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