Art Program

Daniel E. Offutt III Creative Arts Classroom 

The Southport School continues its formal art instruction classes in the Daniel E. Offutt III Creative Arts Classroom within the Arts, Music, and Movement Building. This open and flexible space allows for multi-modal learning where students can create dynamic pieces.

The visual arts are such a crucial area for our students to explore, practice, and study. I think it’s a wonderful way for children to express themselves without words, cope with their feelings, and help with their mindset. Process over product is emphasized and the journey is always more important than the final piece. The tools and skills learned in the art studio can carry over to many academic areas and executive functioning skills.

Sarah Crupi, Art Teacher   

The TSS art program encourages students to take risks when approaching new projects and tackle each assignment individually and uniquely. The goal is for the students to become more confident as they learn and recognize their abilities and strengths through an art medium.

TSS uses a materials-based curriculum to introduce students to a scope of media while including various eras, cultures, styles, and techniques. Students will complete both 2-D and 3-D pieces that build upon the skills learned in previous years. Hands-on instruction  introduces students to various art forms, from watercolors and pastels to wire sculptures and ceramics. The lessons are consistently updated each year to keep students engaged. 

Art appreciation is woven into the curriculum, where students are exposed to highly-recognizable and regarded art pieces, from famous historical masters to more contemporary artists in the local community.