Art Program

Art is a way to express yourself. You can use it as a means of taking time out of your day to relax or use as a coping tool. I think expression is often hard for young students and art is another tool they can use. We emphasize the process over the product here. It's not about the final outcome, but more about the journey along the way. This is what I hope and want students to process and take away from this program, and to use as a tool that they carry with them throughout their whole life.

Sarah Crupi, Art Teacher

This 2022-2023 Academic Year kicks off our fifth year of formal art instruction classes in the Daniel E. Offutt III Creative Arts Classroom within the newly renovated Arts, Music, and Movement Building. This space is open and flexible and allows for kinetic learning experiences so students can experience and learn actively while engaging their whole self. Art appreciation is woven into the curriculum with the knowledge and understanding of highly-recognizable and regarded art pieces as well as well-known artists. The scope includes eras, movement, styles, and techniques.

Students will complete both 2-D and 3-D pieces that build upon the skills learned in previous years. Hands-on, multi-modal instruction  introduces students to all art forms -- from watercolors and pastels to wire sculptures and ceramics.

Our program encourages students to  approach new projects and tasks in their own individual way and to take risks. The goal is for them to become more confident as they learn and recognize their abilities and strengths through an art medium.