Traditions are important to TSS. We work hard at school, but we also like to have fun. TSS traditions have become a part of our daily and yearly routine and promote a sense of community within our school. These all-school traditions have evolved over our 35 years of  history and contribute to everyone’s sense of belonging. 

Fridays Morning Assembly

Every Friday we begin with a school-wide assembly held in Tavormina Hall. This gathering is designed to foster a sense of community by bringing the entire student body together. 

Announcements include schedule changes, athletic events and game highlights, weekly Accelerated Reader recipients, the Headmaster's "Powers' Punch Line" (joke of the day) and individual student accomplishments are reported at this time.  

We appreciate parental input regarding students’ achievements outside of school (e.g., earning a new karate belt, being cast in a theatrical role, winning a ski competition, etc.), so that they may be recognized before their peers.  


This beloved school-wide tradition happens each November at the end of the fall sports season. The entire school community—students, faculty, and staff—is divided into two teams: the blue and the white. All students finish the day after Period 7, and meet up on the soccer field for a spirited game, where the winner receives the coveted Tavormina Cup. Members of the cross country team contribute to this event with an exciting relay race during half-time. The atmosphere is festive, with parents cheering on the teams and refreshments served.

Ice Skating Party

On the last day of school before the December vacation, the school community comes together for an ice skating party. TSS covers the costs of transportation and rink rental; students can bring their own skates or wear skates provided by the facility. It’s a wonderful way to play, have fun, and celebrate before the winter break.

The “BIG” Game

In March on Spirit Day, faculty and staff join TSS’ basketball teams to play in The “BIG” Game. The expanded squad divides into two teams: the blue and the white. The two play during the activity period in the school gym, with the entire school community in attendance. The cheer team cheers, the crowd makes noise, and the good time is enjoyed by all.

Beach Day

TSS’ location by Long Island Sound allows us to end the school year with Beach Day. Held during the last week of school, students and faculty head to the beach in Fairfield for a day of swimming, games, and a barbecue.